02 January 2014


It came as a pleasant surprise when on new year's eve, Elise/Luke invited me to laser tag. I've not met up with my hall mates in such a long time that it is really a pleasant surprise!

I've made my new year resolutions/wishes to God and my second one is to restore friendships/relationships with friends and family and have God to be in the center of all my relationships. Even before the year has started, God has been fulfilling my wishes, first with my 3217 tenza friends, then with my secondary school mates and now my hall mates. How wonderful is Jesus!!

I was pretty sleepy by the time I woke to go for laser tag. I was helping my mum type her notes till 3 before her flight and woke up at 4+ to send her and daddy off to the airport for their trip back to Hainan Island. We had breakfast together at the canteen and it was nice!

Much to my embarrassment, I actually can get lost at douby ghaut mrt. I exited at the red line and was trying to find my way to plaza sing. Jason call to say head to exit D but I heard exit B and keep getting lost =.= I decided to just follow the plaza sing signs instead of the exit signs and finally found him and Elise.

We were catching up and I'm just so happy! Hall times has to be one of my best times in Uni and I really missed my hall mates! Finally, everyone was here (Jason, Elise, Nic Tay, YanxXin, Luke and me!) and we went bata (buy and throw away according to elise xp) so Luke can get his shoes. OMG, I missed how fun it could be just talking and joking around with them!

The laser tag was really fun! We played 3 missions, first is the free for all. I have got to say, I'm totally owned by the smaller sized kids and with my size, i'm like a moving target!! Though Luke was really good! He got the third rank!! I can still remember him tagging me so many times >.<

The second mission is to destroy other people's base. OMG, we were totally SLAUGHTERED though I have to say our position was really bad. Luke, Jason and I were the attack team and due to the position of the 2 other teams, we were shot from the front and back continuously. It was really sad >.<

Though the third mission was the most fun in my opinion. It was catch the flag game! Due to our distance from other 2 teams, we weren't attacked at all and most of us tried to get the flags xD Though I managed to get the flag twice, I was unfortunately shot on the way back >.< Really should have stuck to the walls on the way back but adrenaline demands I run shortest distance back >.< The hero of the day has to be Nic when she captured a flag right at the start of the game when no body knew what was going on :) It was a tie in the end and it was all in good fun!

After which we went to suki-ya for lunch-cum-dinner. Omg, it's gotta be the longest buffet I've eaten at 3 hours!! We had a lot of fun talking to each other and it's nice to know I have a fangirl friend nic xD I was totally fangirling over akashi while she's fangirling over kise xp

It was a really satisfying new year gathering and I hope for more such outings in the future! It was good to reconnect with everyone~!!

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